The creation of a new instrument of measurement of QoL that does not interfere with the daily life of the individual

The overall objective of the QLife + project is to create a first prototype of an information system that allows continuous evaluation of the Quality of Life (QoL) of each patient and support decision making based on this data. The operation of this system will be carried out through the use of physical, behavioral and environmental patient data and the context in which it is inserted, which will be continuously collected through wearable devices, mobile devices and respective applications that, combined with Machine Learning techniques allow predicting patients' responses to traditional QoL measurement instruments (questionnaires) by making them available at any time for an efficient and real-time QoL assessment, providing clinical decision support (anywhere ) to increase the QoL of the patient.

Concept and Proposed Solution

Creation an assessement QoL instrument in chronically ill patients, patient-centered and based on medical knowledge and patient expectations.
Holistic view of the patient in order to promote physical and mental well-being and social integration to maximize their QoL.


Evaluate and monitoring in real time, the Quality of Life and health status of chronic patients (in particular oncology and cardiology areas) with automatic generation of information for patients and health professionals.

The system will use sociodemographic, clinical, and behavioral data from patients who, together with computer-based learning techniques, will provide information on QoL, in real time, to the patient and health professionals, which is complemented by indicators of health status.
The evaluation of QoL, health status indicators, as well as the relationship established between the parameters that make them up, will be used to aid clinical decision making.