The realization of this project implies the mobilization of a team with specific and complementary competences, that guarantee the accomplishment of the activities of efficient and effective way.

As a differentiating project in the area of ​​Computer Engineering and Computing addressed to the Health area, this project lacks, in its conception, human resources with training and consolidated academic and technical experience, namely in Computer Engineering, Informatics and Computing, Technologies and Information Systems And Health Sciences.

With this situation in mind, Optimizer, the leading developer of the project, and the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (LIACC) of the University of Porto (entities involved in the joint development of an R & D project in this area - QoLis - the precursor of this project ), Built a Consortium with entities (and resources) interested in participating and with the capacity to make this project a success at an international level. In this sense, in view of the skills required to carry out the project, they identified the Algoritmi Center and the Research Institute for Life Sciences and Health (ICVS), both of the University of Minho, as relevant entities.
In this sense, although all these entities are involved in the development of all project activities, in view of their skills and experience, their contribution in some areas is highlighted, namely:

Research, development and implementation of all necessary application architecture for the project, from the development of the necessary computer tools for the collection and processing of data to the construction of the prototype for validation of the results.
U. Minho / ICVS
Research and understanding of critical success factors at the level of information / decision support systems that improve patients' QoL, namely by identifying the functional and technological needs of patients and health professionals, research and development of therapies (creation of a guide / Protocol of recommendations and good practices) with impact on QoL and evaluation and validation of all the technological developments carried out for patients and health professionals.
U. Minho / Algoritmi
Research and development of sensors and technological mechanisms to collect and process patients 'biometric data and their context data, as well as models for predicting / simulating the impact of recommendations / good practices on patients' QoL.

U. Porto / LIACC
Guidance in the field of Artificial Intelligence of Information Systems, namely for the health area, and research and development of learning algorithms and prediction of patients' responses to QOL questionnaires.

Given the high complexity and pioneering nature of the project, the various partners will move some of their most experienced resources in order to the success of the project presented is a certainty and that the development of the solution also generates a movement of learning and collaboration among all.